Who is Eric García?


Greetings! 🙌🤝

Allow me to introduce myself—I'm Eric García, a proud Mexican residing in the vibrant city of Puebla 🇲🇽. As an ardent entrepreneur with a fervor for cutting-edge technologies 🖥️, I've dedicated myself to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

My academic journey led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science 👨‍🎓, and over the past decade, I've immersed myself in the dynamic realm of IT 🤓. My professional experience spans a diverse spectrum, including roles as a Full Stack Developer, Mobile Developer, Engineering Manager, and Chief Technology Officer 👨‍💻. Throughout this journey, I've actively contributed to approximately 35 projects spanning various industries, collaborating with both fledgling startups 🏠 and established global enterprises 🌐.

Whether spearheading the development of pioneering products 🛠️ or orchestrating multinational teams 🏢, my commitment remains steadfast—to deliver exceptional solutions that harmonize technical excellence with business imperatives.

Feel free to explore my website further to delve deeper into my career trajectory. I trust you'll find it enlightening and engaging! 🤝