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Principal Developer of Hum Capital

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2020 - 2021
Hum Capital

Hum Capital offers a funding platform that pairs growth companies with investors and lenders to make funding equitable, efficient, and accessible.

I was fully responsible for many essential pieces in developing the new automated onboarding flows to help increase Hum Capital's conversion rate for the new companies signing up for the platform.

I performed as a tech lead in my team since I was recognized as one of the most experienced software engineers. The seek of mentorship allowed me to help engineers understand better the current architecture of the systems and the opportunity areas to define new ways to improve future development.

I introduced innovative techniques to increase the code quality (three proposals of five were approved by the entire engineering team).

Other contributions were working directly with the IT director to achieve the following goals:

  • Define new processes and improve the existing ones to increase visibility in the Engineering Department.
  • Produce outstanding metrics every sprint to report directly so they can be reported to the Chief Technology Officer.
  • Reduce the risk of having requirement leaks
  • Define good habits such as regular planning, pointing, and retro meetings to improve the communication and productivity of the team.
Major Contributions
New Onboarding Flow
2020 - 2020
Release of the new signup and onboarding flow
Define and improve processes
2020 - 2020
Define and improve the development lifecycle processes.
New Development Techniques
2020 - 2021
Introduced 3 of the 5 proposed development techniques to improve the overall quality code.

Humcapital interacts with the following solutions:


  • Requirements gathering with multiple stakeholders.
  • Set up all new management tools to have velocity metrics.
  • Lead Planning and Pointing sessions.
  • Help the IT Director to define and improve Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Deliver customer support
  • Onboard new members and provide training.
  • Write documentation for management processes.
  • Write technical documentation for all of the systems.
  • Propose new technologies to stop using legacy approaches and increase the system's scalability.
  • Detect code flaws and incorrect design patterns, and mentor other members to follow the SOLID principles properly.
  • Lead efforts in adopting new front-end technologies.

Tools used

  • React
    • Redux & RTK
    • RTK Query
  • Django
    • Celery
    • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • AWS
    • EKS
    • S3
    • KMS
  • Jira