Mobile Developer of iOS Kimetrics

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2015 - 2016

Kimetrics is a business intelligence platform to improve sell-out management and stock management. Through their platform, they offer solutions for the different departments of retail companies, field execution monitoring, and artificial intelligence for quick point-of-sale tracking.

I was hired as a mobile developer and was entirely responsible for developing and releasing the iOS application. The mobile application can operate offline and automatically syncs as soon as the internet is available on the mobile device.

I was in charge of the app architecture and implemented different patterns to deliver a fully functional offline application and scalable. The final result was a mobile app distributed in-house, downloaded, and used by thousands of users. After four months of production usage, the application remains with a 95% bug-free metric.

Kimetrics iOS Big Releases
2015 - 2015
Release of the MVP for the iOS mobile app
Offline Mode
2015 - 2015
Add several features to support using the app without any mobile data
Several Features
2015 - 2016
Introduction of many features related to gps, sync, auto-cleanup, etc.


  • Develop the iOS version of Kimetrics from scratch.
  • Design, Analysis, and Optimization of the algorithms with Xcode Instruments.
  • Testing App Distribution with Crashlytics
  • In-house App Distribution
  • Implement an automatic cleanup process.
  • Implement the real-time communication layer with MQTT.
  • Project Management
  • Design the UI/UX
  • Architecture modeling
  • Design, Analysis, and Optimization of the algorithms


  • Cocoapods
  • Universal Apps
  • Concurrency with GCD and NSOperations
  • Progressive Database Migrations with SQLite
  • Geolocation
  • Offline Capabilities and Automatic Sync with the Rest service
  • Git
  • MQTT
  • Firebase