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Engineering Manager of Clear Connection

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2019 - Now
Natural Acne Clinic

Natural Acne Clinic (NAC) is an acne skincare company based in Denver, Colorado, with an online presence worldwide. NAC offers a variety of products and solutions to ensure the client can get acne clear. Since 2016, NAC has provided a complete Online Program to clear acne using the system ClearConnection.

Due to the high success, ClearConnection started having performance and scalability issues since the system was built with Django and hosted in a not scalable architecture within AWS.

I developed the next-generation version of ClearConnection from scratch. The new system increased ~50x performance and operated with a quota of ~20 bugs from 5,000 clients. The new ClearConnection included the same features as the legacy and a more enjoyable UI/UX, and it also had more sophisticated tools for monitoring performance, errors, etc.

Sixteen months after the successful operations of ClearConnection, I developed and launched the Clinic version of ClearConnection to support those clients coming into the physical clinic to get their acne clear. ClearConnection unified Natural Acne Clinic process in both business branches (Online & Clinic).

ClearConnection Big Releases
ClearConnection MVP
ClearConnection MVP
2019 - 2020
Release of the MVP of ClearConnection. It serves only to clients enrolled to the online program.
ClearConnection NSCC
ClearConnection NSCC
2021 - 2022
Release of the NSCC version of ClearConnection. It serves to clients coming into the clinic in Denver (Natural Skin Care Clinic)

Clear Connection interacts with several third-party solutions:


  • Requirements gathering with multiple stakeholders.
  • Setup all of the management tools to have velocity metrics
  • Lead all sessions (Retros, Planning, Pointing, etc.)
  • Define and improve Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Create mechanisms for Customer Support.
  • Define and improve processes for delivering customer support.
  • Hire and onboard new members.
  • Write documentation for management processes.
  • Write technical documentation for all of the systems.

Tools used

  • React
    • Material UI
    • Redux
    • React Query
    • Webpack
  • Django
    • Celery
    • PostgreSQL
    • Django-tenants
  • Kubernetes
    • Docker
    • Helm
    • Prometheus
  • New Relic
  • Sentry
  • Terraform
  • AWS
    • EKS
    • IAM
    • EC2
    • CloudWatch
    • S3
    • KMS