Software Engineer of Video Team

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2023 - Now

RevComm Inc. is one of the fastest-growing startups in Japan. Our mission is to reinvent communication to create a society that cares for one another.
We were founded in 2017 with the business domain AI × Voice × Cloud software & IP-Phone. From here, we gave birth to MiiTel, a telephone system equipped with artificial intelligence that can minimize differences in team performance to increase sales conversions while reducing communication training costs.

I've played a crucial role in driving the advancement of the RevComm roadmap, ensuring our company maintains its competitive edge in the market. Here's how:

  1. Leading Critical Features: Spearheaded the development of essential features vital to RevComm's roadmap, reinforcing our position as a market leader.
  2. Enhanced Coding Practices: Implemented refined coding practices within the Video Team, resulting in a more maintainable system and heightened team productivity.
  3. Innovative Library Adoption: Introduced cutting-edge libraries to our projects, fostering the adoption of new patterns and significantly boosting our efficiency.
  4. Microservices Exploration: Engaged in comprehensive discussions on the adoption of microservices across backend and frontend domains, exploring avenues to enhance scalability and agility.
  5. Architectural Advocacy: Advocated for architectural enhancements, utilizing tools to ensure system stability and facilitate continuous improvement.

In addition to these contributions, I've initiated several key initiatives aimed at streamlining our development processes:

  • Data Fetching Tools Implementation: Introduced tools to streamline frontend development, simplifying data retrieval and manipulation tasks for improved efficiency.
  • Frontend Code Reorganization: Restructured frontend code to optimize future productivity, fostering a more structured and maintainable codebase for sustained development momentum.
  • Feature Flags Integration: Implemented Feature Flags into our API, empowering greater control over feature releases and enabling seamless experimentation to meet evolving user needs.
  • Remote Containers Integration: Integrated Remote Containers into our API setup, facilitating efficient debugging of the API Docker container application, thus enhancing our overall development workflow.

These initiatives collectively contribute to our goal of driving innovation, improving productivity, and ensuring RevComm remains at the forefront of our industry.

RevComm Big Releases
External Sharing Feature
External Sharing Feature
2023 - 2023
Release of our External Video Sharing feature. Now, users can easily share their videos without requiring invited viewers to register at RevComm.
Incoming Webhooks
Incoming Webhooks
2024 - 2024
Release of the Incoming Webhook feature. Now, users can upload their videos via RevComm API.


  • Requirements gathering with the product team.
  • Develop new prominent features from scratch and own entirely the task from start to finish.
  • Conduct the QA and development communication during the internal testing of a new prominent feature.
  • Assist new engineers and do knowledge transfer.
  • Write technical documentation for the new features developed.
  • Host tech-talks to share the knowledge with the entire team.

Tools used

  • React
    • TypeScript
    • Recoil
    • TanStack Query
    • Webpack with Module Federation
    • OpenAPI
  • Django
    • PostgreSQL
    • Tenant management in database
    • Extend Django REST Framework to create our design pattern
    • Swagger
  • Terraform
  • Datadog
  • AWS
    • OneLogin
    • CloudFront
    • IAM
    • EC2
    • CloudWatch
    • S3